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About the Director

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I am Chantaya King and I am so delighted to assist you on your journey. My Coaching, Empowerment, Most Valuable Courses (MVC's)  are to help you through the training and personalization of your business: product or service. I am a serial entrepreneur. I am a Registered Nurse (NursePreneur), I am a Health Coach, Business Consultant and more.   I will show you how to file for your 501c3 non profit status and coach you along the way. I also work with business owners that are looking to grow and expand their business by providing weekly coaching sessions. If you desire to start your own studio, or business entity, I am the Woman for the Job!

To get started I would like to connect with you to assure that this is the right fit for  you. I never meet a stranger- you are my friend. Girl or Guy Let's Go! Please click on the book session button and sign up for a Free 15 minute consultation so that I may gather additional information and identify your needs to serve you best.



I look forward to working with you.



Mrs. Chantaya King, RN BSN

Chantaya King, Serial Entrepreneur, Coaching and Mastermind Instructor

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