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​This is our Arts an Dance entity. Established 2008. We teach drama, poetry, spoken word and arts ministries. We teach the biblical principles of dance, drama and music to bring the Holy Word to Life so that men, women, boys and girls can know Jesus and lead to salvation. We host dance classes, summer camps,  private lessons, seminars and conferences. We empower, inspire and uplift children to reach their full potential and teach life lessons and skills through art and dance.

About Karah Central Kitchen

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Karah Central Kitchen is the nutrition and food program that is sponsored by CACFP and Summer Food Program with the motto of "serving each meal with love". Established 2016. We sponsor other organizations to meet the needs of snacks, breakfast, lunch or suppers based on the time of the year and the approval of the program and what meals can be served. We do not discriminate based on race, creed, gender or religious beliefs. The programs serve children 0-18 years old. Click Here to Fill out an application if you have an enrichment activity for children and you would like to see your program grow, children meet healthy nutritional standards and have no kids hungry motto fulfilled.

Our Mission

Inspire, Uplift, and provide opportunity to the Arts and collaborate with our partners to increase food security and reduce hunger by providing children and low-income people access to food, a healthy diet, arts education and nutrition education that supports the USDA guidelines and inspire public confidence.

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Our Vision

A world where all human beings will have access, knowledge and resources through: funding, programs, sponsorship and community to the Arts and healthy food and nutrition.

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